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Turkey, stuffing, toys and games go together

Getting ready for Thanksgiving parties should include toys, books and games.  Yes, the turkey and goodies and sports are on the to-do list but by including the little ones, things will go smoother.  Prepare with toys, books and games for all ages.  Not just checkers, chess and video games should be on the list.

Add Roll & Play for Toddlers, Place & Trace Puzzles for primary grades and Flip Flop Faces for the entire family.  These are available at as well as many more.  A must  have around also is Wiz Kidz where you can go challenge minds of all ages in a fast paced game.  These games along with books and magazines should be scattered about where people congregate.  Not everyone wants to play outside or watch TV. 

Mention to guests that these toys and games are there for their enjoyment.  Oh, one more that is sure to please budding engineers as well as seasoned ones is Marbleworks! Since it is a time for families to gather, arrange for them to play before and after the turkey.  These will be fun educational and wholesome!


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