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$20 TurboTax discount coupon code for 2015

TurboTax discount coupon sale
TurboTax discount coupon sale
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An increasing number of people are turning to TurboTax Online to get their income tax prepared and filed every year. They take all the hard work and stress out of tax filing and guarantee to always get you the largest refund.

TurboTax is dedicated to making sure you save as much money as you can on your tax bill each year. With that in mind, Turbo Tax Online is offering a discount coupon sale of up to $24 for the 2014, 2015 tax return filing season.

This special discount coupon code is for a limited time

Right now, you can Save up to $24 on TurboTax Online federal tax filing for a limited time only!

With this exclusive TurboTax coupon code offer, you can use some (or all) of your federal refund to purchase an Gift Card and they will give you an additional 10% bonus!

TurboTax guarantees accuracy in all tax forms and filings. Their Smart Check scans for any errors so you can rest assured that the IRS is getting correct information. Their guarantee that is so strong that they will pay any IRS penalties plus interest if there is any error on your tax return.

You may save even more money

As you go through the process of importing w-2 form information into the TurboTax System, you will see possible deductions appear on your screen. This will let you know what you may qualify for and how much money you can save on your tax bill.

This deduction log is one of the great benefits TurboTax has to offer. You will get immediate information about deductions claimed on your taxes already and ones that you are eligible to claim.

You can get your w-2 form online

Many businesses are making their employees W-2s available online. The forms can easily be downloaded, as long as your employer automates their W-2 distribution process. Usually, your employer will notify you that your W-2s are available online.

By importing your W-2 online, you will not have to wait for a paper copy to arrive in the mail, which allows you to file your taxes sooner. TurboTax online can help you import your W-2 if your employer has made it available and get your taxes started sooner.

Tax forms are simplified

Have you ever been confused by the language or directions on the IRS tax form booklets? Do you have trouble determining which forms you have to use?

TurboTax engineers works hard to simplify the yearly income tax process for you. They have created a system where you are lead step by step using conversational English to choose the correct tax forms, whether it is 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ, and they fill in the forms correctly so you don't have to.

They are also capable of automatically filling in information from your place of work, banks and other financial institution which saves you time and reduces the paper work load. All you have to do is provide some basic information and they put everything in the proper places.

You can already see how the TurboTax preparation system is easier than anything you have done before. It gets even better if you use it with an account for multiple years. They will automatically fill in forms based on last year's information and ask if anything has changed to ensure accuracy.

Health Care questions?

Do you have more questions regarding the impact of the new health care regulations affect you and your family? Get the right answers to your individual healthcare concerns by using TurboTax AnswerXchange.

Simply answer a couple of easy questions and it will show you how the new rules affect you and whether or not you’re qualified to receive monetary help, so you can make the best decision for your health care requirements and finances.

TurboTax is secure

All of your data is secure, perfectly private and saved in their system in case you want to stop for a break and come back to it later. TurboTax has the latest tax laws, updates frequently, uses top of the line security features and guarantees accuracy.

So what are you waiting for? Get your taxes done, your refund on the way, and get a $24 discount to boot.

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