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Tupperware is the best

Part of The Executive Business Kit
Part of The Executive Business Kit

Yes!! Tupperware is the best. Many different items to service ones every need, not only in the kitchen , but around the house as well. In the opinion of local consultant,and examiner Deborah Morris. Tupperware is the best product in the world for food storage. The company always takes time to do scientific research on all items and how they will perform before being released to the public.

If an item says it's microwaveable, it is. Today when everyone is trying to be healthy and do what's best for their bodies. Some people are afraid of using plastic containers.

According to A Message to Tupperware Customers from Rick Goings

As a result of recent media coverage, some of you may have heard about the controversy surrounding the use of polycarbonate, and specifically Bisphenol-A, in the manufacturing of various plastic consumer products. I wanted to give all of you an update on this issue and address any concerns you may have about the use of polycarbonate in the manufacture of Tupperware products.

At Tupperware Brands, we're firmly committed to the safety and well-being of our consultants and the many consumers of our products worldwide. We've posted a statement which discusses our views on polycarbonate, as well as a Q and A which should help answer any questions you may have as to the safety of our products containing this material.

Based on the repeated governmental scrutiny that polycarbonate has undergone by various regulatory agencies, we continue to believe that the material is safe. We will continue to monitor this scientific debate, of course, and keep all of you posted if any new and important information comes to light.

I encourage you to read the statement and Q and A, and feel free to contact us directly  if you have any concerns whatsoever. Call 1-888-TUPWARE in the U.S. or 1-866-376-7521 in Canada.

Sincerely yours,

Rick Goings
Chairman and CEO of Tupperware Brands Corporation

The Q and A listed above takes you to Deborah's consultant site. Contact her on her contact page and she will send you the information or you may call as listed above.

Again, this is the best product in world for food storage. Second to None!!!



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