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Tupac Shakur last words: 2Pac told cop grilling him for shooter's name, 'F-you'

Tupac Shakur's last words were to a cop grilling him for a name of who shot him.
Tupac Shakur's last words were to a cop grilling him for a name of who shot him.

Tupac Shakur’s last words were recently revealed by the police officer who was first to arrive on the scene of the drive-by shooting that eventually took the life of Shakur. The rapper was with Suge Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records, he was seated next to him in the car that was riddled with bullets, according to The Independent on May 23.

The retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sergeant, Chris Carroll, was the cop first on the scene. He recently spoke publicly for the first time about the last few minutes he spent with Tupac while the rapper was still conscious. Tupac and Suge were in a car that was the target of a drive-by shooting.

While Tupac was shot, he didn’t die for six days after slipping into a comma at the scene of the drive-by. Carroll was with Tupac when he said his last words, which were “F-ck You.” Those words were said to Carroll, who was relentlessly grilling him for the name of the person who did this to him, reports MSN News.

Carroll said when he first came up to the car and opened the door, he thought that Tupac was going to attack him. The rapper came out the door immediately when Carroll opened it. It took the cop a second to realize that Tupac was not surging towards him, but falling out the door, as he was leaning against the door when he opened it.

Because Carroll could see just how badly wounded Tupac was he decided to ask him “who did this,” before it was too late. He could see Tupac was about slip away. He said the rapper was “wincing” in pain and every time he would try to move, he would "moan."

Being the only cop there for the first few minutes was disturbing for Carroll as Suge was up yelling “Pac, Pac, Pac,” and leaning over Carroll who was holding Tupac’s head up at the time. When another officer finally rode up on his bike, he was able to get Suge “off his back,” said Carroll.

One of the images that was burnt into Carroll’s mind was how all the gold jewelry that Tupac was wearing around his neck was covered in blood. He said Tupac went from the stage of fighting to hang on and then within a blink of the eye, his battle stopped, like he found peace, and he slipped into a coma.

Tupac was transported to University Medical Center of Southern Nevada where he remained in a medically induced coma for six days, never regaining consciousness before he died. He died of internal bleeding on September 13, 1996. His final and last words in this world were “F-ck you” and that was said to Carroll who was persistent on getting a name from Tupac of the person or persons who did this to him.

Shakur’s case is still considered an unsolved homicide, Carroll said. He was not involved in the investigation. He also talks about the moment he realized that the young man he was holding and who was bleeding to death was Tupac Shakur. While at that time it didn’t mean anything to him because he was more concerned with his condition, because Tupac looked like he was about to lose his fight to stay alive.

Carroll also talks about one of the conspiracy theories that have come out over the years, which was the claim that Suge had something to do with Tupac’s shooting. Carroll said he heard Suge and his “legitimate concern” for his friend Tupac at the scene of the shooting. He does not believe for one minute that Suge had anything to do with Tupac’s death. “This is not the guy who had him killed; it’s ridiculous,” said Carroll.

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