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Tunnel Town offers a good romp

Two wild girls at Tunnel Town.
Two wild girls at Tunnel Town.
Signe Freed

Another winter afternoon and the kids need some where to run around. The kids could rip the house to shreds, or they could maybe go crazy at the neighbors? Neither solution would end with a positive outcome, so what’s a (considerate) parent to do? The fast food play places will surely be filled to the brim and would also subject the kids to greasy fare that would not have been purchased if the current forecast was more pleasant. Tunnel Town, located at 3751 NE Ralph Powell Rd, Lees Summit, MO, offers plenty of energy expending options for even the most “wound kid.” 

The biggest attraction is the tunnel maze where kids 12 and under can run, climb, slide, jump, you name it, while parents get a breather. There is also Toddler are where kids three and under can play without getting ran over by the older kids. Parents who have kids in both age groups can monitor the kids in both areas, by sitting at the tables located between both of the play structures.

There are also several games, rides, and a ropes course available. The additional cost of these features can always be added on later, if it is hard to determine how long the kids will stay satisfied with just the climbing structure. Food and drink options are also available, but if pizza or nachos are not appealing, it would be best to visit Tunnel Town after lunch. There is also a vending machine for soda, juice, or water located across from the snack bar. Also, as with most play structures' rules, socks are required, so remember to wear them or bring them.

Tunnel Town does host birthday parties and school or group field trips. The website displays the contact information for scheduling large group outings. It is highly recommended if you are looking to avoid a crowd, that you call prior to your visit to see if any field trips are on the schedule for that day. It is very easy to lose track of little ones when there are 50 plus kids running through the same play structure. With a little foresight Tunnel Town provides active entertainment for kids and assurance for
parents that neither their house values, nor their relationships with their neighbors will depreciate over the weekend.