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Tunecore vs. CDbaby - Which works best?

CDBaby Vs. Tunecore (provided by CDbaby)
CDBaby Vs. Tunecore (provided by CDbaby)

If you are in an independent band, you've probably came across this question:

"Which distribution service should we go with: Tunecore or CDbaby?"

The answer is not as easy as one would think. While both services essentially do the same job - getting your music into digital retailers like iTunes, Spotify, MOG, Rdio, etc., it's the other incentives that come into play when you're deciding who you should go with.

Before we get into some specifics, most bands should obviously try and work with independent distributors like INgrooves or the Orchard. These independent distributors have one-on-one relationships with most digital retailers and can thus speak with the programming team at each retailer and pump up your release. The relationships that these companies have are moons above anything that Tunecore or CDBaby can give you as they are there to just get your titles into the store and not promoting it.

It's a hard road to get into those places but well worth it if you are looking to have your music go to the next level.

Back to our original question: Tunecore or CDBaby.

Check out the image in this article found on

Since it is a CDbaby image, it's obvious that they would suggest a CDbaby account however other than the ability to sell music on Facebook and a music store widget, there isn't a huge advantage to CDbaby.

One of the options that they highlight as something that CDbaby has that Tunecore doesn't is:

  • CD Fulfillment and Warehousing

In order to take advantage of the CD Fulfillment and Warehousing option, I believe you have to have your CDs pressed by CDbaby and they will then hold it in their warehouse and then when an order comes in they will send them out.

While this may sound good at first, I don't think they have a reasonable minimum order for CD duplication. If it's anything above what is already available from places like discmaker, then you are already losing money by pressing too many album for too high of a price.

I've personally dealt with Tunecore and I love it.

They make simple to use and they offer you great access to your sales including how many people bought it, what country they bought it in and what retailer they purchased it through.

If any of you readers have experiences with either distribution place please leave your experiences in the comments and let your fellow musicians know what to expect!

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