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Tune into Mike Weekley’s gig at House of Blues

Mike Weekley will be performing late Tuesday night at the House of Blues.
Mike Weekley will be performing late Tuesday night at the House of Blues.
Courtesy of Mike Weekley

Bowling virtuoso Mike Weekley is no stranger to performing and he typically thrives on the challenge.

But on Tuesday, Weekley’s stage will not be at AMF Woodlake Lakes in Woodland Hills or Mission Hills Bowl.

It will be at the venerable House of Blues in West Hollywood.

Weekley, a drummer from Topanga, will get his big shot alongside vocalist Brandyn Killz and guitarist Alex McIntosh at 10:30 Tuesday night in the House of Blues’ Foundation Room.

Tickets for the 21-and-over show are $10, or two for $15.

Killz is a renowned Electro-Pop singer, songwriter and entertainer who has established himself with his high-energy melodies.

Said Weekley: “I just started to get into the genre as a listener. But this will be my first time playing it as well as performing with Killz. I’m your typical metal-head who just happens to like any kind of beat that makes your head bob.”

A Kalamazoo, Mich., transplant, Weekley moved to California in 2008 to enhance his musical prospects.

The 31-year-old Weekley said he was “extremely excited” about his House of Blues gig, which he estimates will last about a half-hour.

“I always love the chance to expand my musical arsenal of ability, and it’s always nice being offered these chances by people who know where they are going and see, and hear, that I am just as driven and capable,” he said.

“I was offered the gig before being heard because [Brandyn and I] are friends but never heard each other’s material. Once I heard his music, I liked it a ton. He heard me drum for the first time and he was equally impressed!”

Weekley, a charismatic personality, acknowledges that the trio will not be performing on the main stage at the House of Blues, “but the name of the venue carries a lot of weight and people love going to the place.”

Weekley, who blasted his ninth certified perfect game last year at Woodlake Lanes, added this parting shot.

“I practice my music every other day,” he said. “You have to be flashy, energetic and GOOD!”

For more information, contact Weekley at 323-979-6294.

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