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Tune Into Autism awareness festival is highly successful


  • Steven Del Terzo 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for such a positive review of the Tune into Autism Awarenss Festival. David's dedication to this project was very impressive from start to finish.
    I believe David has accomplished his goals for his Eagle Project. I also think everyone will be seeing David in the future. Either helping in the community or on stage with his band Steakum Tuesday. His performance is not to be missed.
    best regards,
    Steven Del Terzo of The Fetchen Gretchen Band

  • Billy Fish 6 years ago

    Great article, but building benches in a public space is not so easy either. All of these kind of things are very positive!

  • Learning 6 years ago

    Thanks for your site Marc. I just found your blog today. My son is autistic, smart, and loving. I suspect I may be on the spectrum somewhere myself. I particularly liked your link to the short documentary film about autism and plan to show it to my son as he is a bit down in the dumps lately about the extra help he gets at school. He doesn't like being neurodiverse! I think this is because he is going through puberty and all the kids his age seem to want to be identical in every way and hate to stand out. Having an ed tech helping him makes him stand out. It is hard to see him so glum. It is also difficult because he has a regressive form of autism and there is nothing good about waking up one morning and discovering you can't do what you were able to do yesterday, particularly when the skill came naturally to you the first time, but takes insane amounts of hard work to relearn. I think the regressions may be caused by inflammation, and hope they can be halted in the future.

  • Marc Rosen - Long Island Autism Examiner 6 years ago doesn't host blogs, and I'm not a blogger. Blogs are opinion-based, and my work here is journalism, based on local events and facts (with a touch of the columnist here and there). I appreciate that you seem to have benefited from my site, though I'm still waiting for my bio to be updated (for example, I've already finished college, and sent in a request for the bio to be updated, but of course, these things take time).

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