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Tumor had teeth: Fully formed teeth found inside infant's brain tumor

A tumor had teeth, doctors discovered after performing brain surgery on a four-month-old infant in Maryland. An extremely rare form of cancer developed inside the infant's brain that originated from the very same cells involved in making teeth in a person's mouth. FOX News reported Feb. 27 that this bizarre type of cancer is called craniopharyngioma.

Craniopharyngioma grows to be the size of a golf ball, but does not spread to other parts of the body. The baby's head was growing faster than the rest of his body due to the tumor's increased size. A brain scan of the baby's head revealed the tumor had teeth...several of them.

Teeth have been found in tumors before, but in ones known as teratomas, according to the report. They are said to be unique because they contain all three of the tissue elements essential to developing the human embryo in its early stages. The difference with craniopharyngiomas is they have only one layer of tissue.

Craniopharyngiomas mostly afflict children between the ages of five and 14, with it being even more rare in children about two-years-old.

The boy who had this tumor removed, is said to be recovering well. Since the tumor was of the pituitary gland, he will have to take hormone treatments the rest of his life. The pituitary gland regulates a variety of hormones needed by the human body.

What a bizarre story to hear that a tumor had teeth inside it. It is almost creepy to think something that is damaging to the body's system was created with the help of cells that make it what it is. There are always new discoveries in the medical world.

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