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Tumor had teeth: 4-month-old suffers teeth in brain, boy survives cell surgery

A tumor had teeth in what medical health experts are saying is an extremely rare case of a tumor growing in the brain. A 4-month old baby boy is believed to have had the first instance ever of actual teeth budding in his infant brain due to a specific form of a malignant tumor. Fox News reports this Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, that the boy fortunately managed to survive a surgery to remove the harmful cells with flying colors, but the medical mystery behind his condition remains.

A tumor was growing teeth inside a baby boy's brain
Facebook, MNN News

While doctors were aware that the 4-month-old boy from Maryland had a detrimental tumor in his brain for quite some time, it was only recently revealed that the tumor had teeth. Health officials have since confirmed that the tumor cells were successfully removed, and the infant should be just fine. However, doctors are pointing out that the case tells quite a story about how these uncommon tumors can develop in the head.

After the infant’s head began to grow at an alarming rate — especially in terms of his slower growing body — the 4-month-old’s doctors realized that something was very wrong. An emergency brain scan soon brought to light that the boy did indeed have a tumor; however, it was what inside the tumor cells that truly shocked them.

Within the tumor, the scan was showing small white structures that looked almost identical to teeth that should instead be found in a human jaw. In essence, the tumor had teeth. A brain surgery was quickly conducted to have the harmful tumor cells removed, and within the mass surgeons were nonetheless amazed to discover that the tumor did indeed hold a number of fully formed teeth.

A recent analysis of the cell tissue confirmed doctors’ earlier suspicions: the child was suffering from a craniopharyngioma, a large and threatening brain tumor that is rare and grows bigger than a golf ball, but fortunately doesn’t normally spread to the rest of the brain matter. Reserachers now believe that these tumors are likely created from the very same cells that are involved in forming a child’s teeth. This 4-month-old baby boy’s is the very first tumor that had actual recorded teeth.

"It's not every day you see teeth in any type of tumor in the brain. In a craniopharyngiomas, it's unheard of," noted one surprised doctor.

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