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Tumble Leaf is first Amazon Studios original children's series released

Tumble Leaf
Tumble Leaf
Amazon Studios permission granted

Looking for something different for your preschooler while surfing through Amazon Prime video stream? Amazon Studios released it’s first original children’s series, Tumble Leaf, May 23, 2014. The first six episodes of Tumble Leaf for are available for viewing by Amazon Prime members and more are promised later this summer. To support the lessons in Tumble Leaf, Amazon is also releasing a Tumble Leaf App designed with elements from the show.

Created for preschool age children, Tumble Leaf features a beautiful blue fox named Fig and and his fun loving friends as they embark in nature-fill adventures learning science through play. These whimsical characters adventure through Tumble Leaf’s stop-motion world discovering and encouraging children to think creatively. Each episode consists of two 11-minute adventures

In order to meet the engaging and educational goals, Tumble Leaf and all Amazon children’s programs are created by a board of advisers led by the producer and chief researcher of Blue’s Clues and Blue’s Room Alice Wilder. Two additional children’s series will be released by Amazon Studios this summer including Creative Galaxy and interactive art adventure (June 27) and a live-action show Annedriods (July 25)

Drew and I have been counting down the days until we could share Fig and his wild adventures with the rest of the world,” said Kelli Bixler, Tumble Leaf Executive Producer of Bix Pix Entertainment. “Amazon Studios provided us with the opportunity to use our creativity to develop a series for kids that helps nurture their own creative thinking skills and teaches them to embrace science through play. We couldn’t be more thrilled to give children and their families something that is as educational as it is fun.

At no additional cost to Amazon Prime Members, Tumble Leaf is available on all devices that stream Amazon Prime Instant. The series can be streamed on Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and Wii U, and other connected devices as well as online. Tumble Leaf will also be available on Kindle Free Time Unlimited which helps parents control screen time for young ones. A full run-down of the cast and crew can be found on Tumble Leaf's IMDb page.