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Tuition increases coming at Marquette for 2010-2011

Marquette Student Union
Marquette Student Union
Scott Feldstein

In a trend that can never be comforting to the parents of students, both prospective and current, Marquette University President Rev. Robert J. Wild, S.J. announced in a letter that Marquette's tuition would increase by $1,360 in the next academic year.  This increase would put Marquette over the $30,000/year mark at $30,040 for tuition alone.  Room and board costs would increase roughly $300 in the next year, making a year at MU worth roughly $35,000.

Economic issues, which plagued public and private schools alike, played a factor in the increase, along with general inflation and a massive influx of applicants.  Marquette's tuition has been on a steady climb since the turn of the century, with it breaking the $20,000 barrier in the early 00s.

However, with the increase in cost comes added benefit to the consumer.  Marquette's recent beautification effort has seen the addition of several new buildings and an improved cosmetic look that has alleviated negative perceptions about the school's environment, a serious concern for parents in the 1990's.

President Wild, in his letter to parents, was clear in announcing that although the cost for tuition has increased, the availability of student financial aid is more abundant.  With the increase in financial aid grants, over 90 percent of Marquette students will be under some form of financial assistance during their time at Marquette.