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Tuition in $1 bills: Student pays tuition using 2000 crisp $1 bills in protest

Tuition in $1 bills: University of Utah student pays tuition with 2000 ones!
Tuition in $1 bills: University of Utah student pays tuition with 2000 ones!

Paying tuition in $1 bills got Luq Mughal his 15 minutes of fame, which is just enough time to get his protest in the media. The University of Utah student is protesting the rising cost of college and he did this silently by paying his tuition in $1 bills, all 2000 of them, according to Fox News on Jan. 23.

Utah’s in-state undergraduate tuition has doubled in the last 10 years. This year the University of Utah will see a five percent tuition hike, which is to cover the cost-of-living raises the college plans to give its employees.

Mughal is faring better than others at the university when it comes to paying for his courses, as his father is on staff at the college, so he gets a tuition break. While a discount helps Mughal, this is not much help to the other thousands of young adults in Utah paying for a college education.

Mughal waited for Tuesday’s deadline for paying the tuition and walked into the college administration office building with a metal suitcase filled with 2000- $1 bills. He works weekends to pay for his electrical engineering degree, so he knows the value of money.

Some kids don’t have any idea about the rising cost, as their parents are footing their education bill. This enterprising young man knows all too well how the rise in college tuition will affect his lifestyle. The more the tuition goes up, the more he has to work, much like any kid paying their own way through college.

Mughal reports he had to go to several banks to get the 2000 in $1 bills, so he put some work into his protest!

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