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Tugg brings the movies to you, like "Knights of Badassdom"

Most geeks are known as geeks because of their total geek out over particular movies. It’s a huge part of geek culture to spout movie quotes at each other relentlessly. It’s how we bond. Well the interwebs has come up with yet another way for us to come together in geeky harmony and nerd out over cinematic delights. The site is Tugg and it is a unique cinematic experience that is catching around across the nation. Here are the steps: brings "The Knights of Badassdom" to your local theater starting January 21, 2014 and all you have to do is ask!
Tugg logo from and "Kights of Badassdom" logo from
  1. Choose a film from the Tugg database, a local theater, date and time for your event.
  2. Tell your friends and anyone else that would be interested; so you can get enough people to reserve a seat and your event will happen.
  3. Tugg takes care of ticketing and theater logistics so you and your friends just need to attend and enjoy the show.

It’s a great idea for birthday parties, a social event for gaming groups, and even as a fundraising event to finance new LARPing equipment (as seen in this Tugg event by this LARP group), or whatever reason you have to get together and geek out. It’s definitely a great idea, but you may be skeptical of the selection of movies. Here is a list of films that is sure to trigger an involuntary geek out response for just about any type of geek (to see the full list of 1559 titles CLICK HERE or you can offer movie suggestions when you create your event here or even submit your own films to the database)

  1. Knights Of Badassdom
  2. Oldboy (US version)
  3. The Goonies
  4. The Princess Bride
  5. Labyrinth
  6. Young Frankenstein
  7. Office Space
  8. Spaceballs
  9. Hackers
  10. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
  11. UHF
  12. The Secret Lives of Dorks
  13. The Terminator
  14. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  15. The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert
  16. Idiocracy
  17. Zombieland
  18. Juan of the Dead
  19. Let Me Out
  20. Insidious 2
  21. The Human Centipede ( and 2)
  22. Creepshow
  23. Extraterrestrial
  24. District 9
  25. The Abyss
  26. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  27. Ghosts With Shit Jobs
  28. Poseidon Adventure
  29. Metropolis: The Complete Metropolis (includes 25 minutes of restored footage) (original also available)
  30. Dr. Strangelove
  31. Enemy Mine
  32. QWERTY
  33. Another Earth
  34. 4:44 Last Day on Earth
  35. Alien vs. Predator (and 2)
  36. Alien Nation
  37. Alien
  38. Aliens
  39. X-Men (all 3 and Origins: Wolverine)
  40. X-Men: First Class
  41. X-Files: I Want to Believe
  42. Seven Samurai
  43. Yojimbo
  44. Sanjuro
  45. The Host
  46. Let the Right One In
  47. Daywatch (but no Nightwatch)
  48. With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story
  49. Comic-con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope
  50. Comic Book Confidential
  51. Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters
  52. Indie Game: The Movie
  53. The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time
  54. Fanboys
  55. For All Mankind

Now, all those being listed, if you didn’t just create an event for “Knights of Badassdom,” you may want to check the expiration date on your geek card! Yes, it is the long awaited release of the 2011 San Diego ComiCon hyped, star-studded (Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, Jimmi Simpson, Danny Pudi, etc) LARPing horror comedy is finally here (release date January 21, 2014) and you don’t have to wait for it to come to a theater near you… you can be the one that brings it to a theater near you! You don’t have to worry about the show being sold out, because you and your friends got the first tickets. You don’t have to just hope all of your friends can make it to a particular showing, because you are setting the time and day. Only Tugg gets you “Knights of Badassdom” starting January 21, 2014. You could wait until it’s on demand in February, but haven’t we waited long enough?

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