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Tuft & Needle offer a quality mattress at an unheard of price

This is the website photo of the Tuft & Needle product
This is the website photo of the Tuft & Needle product
Courtesy of Tuft & Needle

Ah, sleep. Sometimes it’s elusive and that’s bad, especially as we grow older. We here at Home and Living are very serious about what sleep means to a body, and a mind. People who sleep better are reinforcing memories. Sleep is a known factor in maintaining a decent weight; it helps to improve alertness, wards of illness and a dozen other attributes that a functioning person needs and that we often take for granted.

When the Tuft & Needle people allowed us to try out their 10-inch mattress, we were dubious about how good they could make it at such a low price point. We wanted to spend some time sleeping on it so we could assess its properties accurately to help you make an informed decision about what to consider buying. This normally would be a sizable investment today into the thousands of dollars and prohibitive for many families in this economy who are living paycheck to paycheck. When we saw that their mattresses began at $200 dollars and you could get a king-sized for $500, we said, “Phish.”

Well, we have slept on the Tuft & Needle for a few weeks now and we were at first surprised at how firm it was—more so than a memory foam mattress, which is kind of sink-y in relation to body weight. We wondered whether this firmness would detract from comfort because we are heavy-duty walkers and our legs often need much horizontal rest. We do say that we fall asleep well-enough (when we’re not keyed-up with problems; that’s the head chatter syndrome) but when primed for sleep we noticed that we do not wake up in the middle of the night any longer. It is a sound sleep—and as a side sleeper, we find the mattress is good facing both directions.

The mattress does not feel sticky hot, and when we pile on the silk spread and the down comforter, the heat moves down on us, not up. Of course, we are using Boll & Branch organic sheets and they are like laying in a soft, decades old linen shirt—can we say, “wonderful”?

Two other things struck us and that’s the customer service we got from “the team”—they are all pictured on the website. They attend to you at all stages. When you have shopped, they welcome you to the “family”; then while it’s being made they touch base and ask if you have any questions. Then they tell you when it’s shipped. And they check with you again after it should have arrived. (We can’t for the life of us figure out how they roll it up into a box, but there it is!) Honestly, we got more attention from JT and Daehee, the founders, than we do from our own kids in a month.

We think you’ll like your purchase. You have a long time to test it out without reprisal as they have a generous 30-night sleep trial period; and they cover all costs if you return it—wow! Where is that kind of customer service today?

That’s our assessment and your health and well-being depends so much on sleep, you just have to make the right choice to take care of yourself and sleep better. You heard it here.

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