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Tuesdays at the Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati

The Hindu Temple's Hanuman statue, carved from marble and hand-painted
The Hindu Temple's Hanuman statue, carved from marble and hand-painted
Courtesy HSGC


  • Jeegar Shatrughnavyas 6 years ago

    As a Hindu, I often question the symbolism behind certain gods and goddesses. It is sometimes daunting to have fellow peers ridicule and taunt Hindu gods because of their eccentric appearences. Never having been taught the formal meaning of hanuman's apelike appearance, this article presents a fresh outlook on not only the diety hanuman, but on Hinduism as a whole. It would be nice to hear more analysis on some of the mythology surrounding Hinduism.

  • Devarshi Patel 6 years ago

    It is hard to explain to those who ask and are not familiar with Hinduism why we would pray to certain deities and what they represent. This article does a very good job with its thorough explanation of Hanuman and, to a small extent, beliefs of Hindus. I believe that articles such as these are important to understand the complexities of Hinduism.

  • Hariohm Patel 6 years ago

    Like, Jeegar Shatrughnavyas, I too appreciate the writers explaination of what Hanuman embodies and how this is related to chanting and/or other activities performed by Hindus, which is often not understood, especially in the west. Great article. I look forward to similar articles in relation to other dieties, rituals, etc... from this new Cincinnati Hinduism Examiner.

  • Chandrakant Bhakta 6 years ago

    Interestingly, the article is presented with a tone that, in my opinion, embodies the calm and controlled qualities the writer has described in the symbolism of Hanuman. I found that to be very cool-even if unintended.

    The most unique aspect of the article is its humanistic approach to a subject (religion) that has been dominated by authoritative writing. The points and observations made seem to have been carefully selected to appeal to a universal audience. The previous comments prove that there is something for everyone, from the devout Hindu to the free spirited thinker.

    Informative + insightful = well examined. I hope hear more from this author, perhaps relating to the "Ram Katha" alluded to in his Bio.

  • Kabhie Kabhie Kuch Kuch 6 years ago

    Wow! I really appreciate your explanation of the ceremonies. They are so beautiful, the music, the color, and the dancing. I look forward to more articles like yours explaining the meaning of such artful meditation. Standing ovation!

  • Mohandas Thoduvayil Nelliot 6 years ago

    Hi Anand,

    It was really refreshing to read your article about the Hindu Temple, where I have been a few times. I like your writing style and your presentation. Your article provides good insight for a person who has recently moved to the Tri-State.

    I am a new writer on the Examiner Site, "Cincinnati India Travel Examiner." I love India!

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