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Tuesday Terror: Horror DVD & Blu-Ray releases for December 29, 2009

It's the last Tuesday of 2009, and thankfully we have some great horror movies to watch on the small screen as we ring in the new year this week.

Jennifer's Body
Fox Home Entertainment

All-in-all, 2009 was pretty good to horror, and with 2010 we can look forward to more great scares from the big screen. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Here's a look at this weeks offerings on home video that are sure to sends shivers up your drunken spine.

A Blood Pledge (Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock) - Strange rumors start to spread at the catholic girls' high school after Unjoo committed suicide one night. Unjoo's younger sister Jung-un who attends the same school gets suspicious about Unjoo's death. After a persistent investigation, Jung-un finds out that on the night of the incident, Soy, Eugene, Eun-young, Unjoo, the four of them had tried to commit a joint suicide after making a vow on blood. But the three are still alive, and only Unjoo had died. The desire, jealousy, and lies behind the pledge of death between the four girls are revealed, along with the hidden truth behind Unjoo's suicide.

Diagnosis: Death (Lionsgate Home Entertainment) - A supernatural force brings together two lost souls undergoing radical treatment at an experimental drug-testing facility. When the facility is locked down for the weekend and the drugs take effect, the human guinea pigs experience sinister hallucinations pointing to a horrific double murder. Unsure of where reality stops, they see the apparitions become more and more threatening until the only way to leave the facility alive is to solve the haunting secret.

Evil Offspring (R Rated Films) - There is a definite balance to the forces of good and evil in the universe. The quiet backwoods town of Angel Falls is home to this great equalizer! Enter two unsuspecting lost souls trying to find their way back to the highway, and become stranded on an old farm. The owners, Pa and Nan are quite hospitable, to the right type of guests, but if you're a sinner, you wind up on their chopping block and fed to the voracious creatures known as THE EVIL OFFSPRING.

Jennifer's Body (DVD/Blu-Ray) (Fox Home Entertainment) - Follows a cheerleader with a perfect life, who becomes possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. Her "plain Jane" best friend must kill her, then escape from a correctional facility to go after the Satan-worshiping rock band responsible for the transformation.

Paranormal Activity (DVD/Blu-Ray) (Paramount Home Entertainment) - Katie and Micah were a promising young couple, with a carefree life, until bizarre events began occurring in their new home. Katie was no stranger to paranormal phenomena, as she had been stalked by a malevolent entity since childhood. They purchase a video camera in an attempt to find out what's happening as they sleep at night. Over the course of three weeks in September & October of 2006, they ran nightly surveillance and captured indelible proof on home video, which has been edited into a feature film.

Lesbian Vampire Killers (The Weinstein Company/Vivendi Entertainment) - One instance where the title says it all, LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS finds screenwriters Stewart Williams and Paul Hupfield and director Phil Claydon plunging headfirst into guilty pleasure territory with an unrestrained, sex-laden horror comedy. The picture stars Mathew Horne and James Corden of GAVIN AND STACEY fame as (respectively) Jimmy and Fletch, two buddies who wind up the unlikely saviours of their sleepy welsh village when it is discovered that an ancient Sapphic vampire curse has turned many of the local women into blood-thirsty vampires! MyAnna Buring, Silvia Colloca, Vera Filatova and Paul McGann (ALIEN 3, WITHNAIL AND I) co-star.

That's it for this week for horror on DVD and Blu-Ray. Have a great new year everyone and we'll see you back here in 2010.

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  • Chris Bowsman 5 years ago

    I've caught the Paranormal Activity trailer on TV a few times, but never actually watched it until now. It sure doesn't look like one of the the "scariest movies ever," or whatever.

    Awhile back, I read some reviews of Jennifer's Body, and saw the funniest one liner ever: "Jennifer's Body is very aptly named, because no one is going to love it for its mind."

  • James Melzer 5 years ago

    Paranormal Activity wasn't that bad. It had it's scary moments, but you had to pay attention to see them. One of the scariest films ever made? That's debatable...

    Jennifer's Body was, well...let's just say I was disappointed in Diablo Cody's (JUNO) writing, Meghan Fox's acting. Ah hell, the whole thing just was a mess.

    Of the two, definitely pick up Paranormal Activity.