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Tuesday's top 5: Why men leave relationships


Tuesday's top 5: Why men leave relationships

Relationships end for a number of reasons. Sometimes you have no idea why your partner decides to leave you. In this week's Tuesday's top 5, let's look at the top 5 reasons why men leave relationships.

1. She's constantly trying to change me.
Women often times make excuses for their happiness and say they would be happier if he only _____. Stop trying to change your man, because you can't! As humans, we get stuck in our ways and it takes a lot for us to just change. Ladies, if you threaten your man or use emotional blackmail to try to get him to change, you are only giving him more of a reason to leave.

2. She takes up too much of my time.
It is easy for a woman to get attached to her new man, but when she is constantly insisting her man attend everything with her and be with her 24-7, she is really only pushing him away. Men get exhausted with constant emotional dependency. He may start to see the relationship as one-sided and grow tired of always trying to please his lady.

3. She's always putting me down.
It is human nature to want to be in an environment of love and appreciation. Sometimes women constantly nag their men about their faults and focus on the negative. Stop the verbal abuse! Ladies, put yourself in his shoes. You would not like to be reminded that you fall short of his expectations constantly, so do not do that to him. Otherwise, you may just leave him with no choice but to leave you.

4. She's becoming boring.
Men thrive on the thrill of the chase. When a relationship gets too familiar, they often become uninterested.  Try to find new ways to share fun, laughter, and adventure to spice up your relationship.

5. She's freaking me out.
Men suffocate easily. If he does not think the relationship adds value to his life or cannot think of a good reason to stay, he won't. Keep the lines of communication open so you as a couple can constantly assess whether your relationship is making you happy or not.