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Tuesday on the progressive beat

Local stories of interest to progressives that popped up today:

Alvarez decides alleged dirty cop won't face charges
Officer Richard Fiorito, who allegedly targeted LGBT people for DUI arrests and verbal abuse, gets slap on wrist from State's Attorney. Now all he has to face are 37 lawsuits.

D.C. immigration march planned: "We won't be taken for granted"
Campaign for Rigo Padilla gives rise to mass march plans; local organizers plan to send 10,000 Illinoians to D.C.

Food banks regret that recession good for biz
With a headline like that, what else is left to say?




  • Gaza school shelled
    Israeli airstrikes topple a school in Gaza suspected of housing rockets; dozens killed
  • Ebola outbreak
    An American with Ebola virus died shortly after boarding three planes
    World News
  • Why dogs smell butts
    Researchers figure out why dogs like to smell each other's butts
  • Time to stop tanning
    The surgeon general advises us not to tan as melanoma cases are on the rise
    Health News
  • Zimmerman lands dream job
    George Zimmerman lands his dream job as a security guard at a gun/motorcycle shop
  • 10 smartest states
    Here are the 10 most educated states in the U.S., did yours make the cut?
    US News