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Tuesday Nights with Lauren Live is a knee slappin' good time

While Second Life offers you any world your imagination can dream up, making your dreams come true is hard work. Sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy yourself. What better place than Lauren Live Comedy, every Tuesday ay 5 pm slt.

Featuring the funniest comedienne in Second Life, Lauren's take on all things SL and RL are nothing short of side-spiltting. For a full hour you are treated to no-holds barred adult oriented comedy.

Lauren shares the stage with up and coming SL comedians like Doc Grun, Catboy, Bubblepop Unplugged, and scores of others, each intent on making you laugh your prims off.

Most of Lauren's shows are streamed live, and then archived online. They can be viewed at

The show is recorded live, and it is open mic, so the comedians interact with the audience, which sometimes is as funny as the skits themselves.

After the comedy portion, at 6 pm slt, Lauren and Jwheels Presents hosts musical live performances from SL and RL artitsts such as Sassy Nightly, Eva Moon and others.

If you want to unwind and just plain giggle, plan your Tuesdays at Lauren Live, at 5!

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