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Tuesday for Twos: Littlest Snowman by Rita Walsh

Cover of Littlest Snowman by Rita Walsh
Cover of Littlest Snowman by Rita Walsh
illustrations by Jenny Williams

Many in the Lehigh Valley are tired of snow, ice and frigid temperatures. But kids as we all know are never tired of snow, playing in the snow and countless songs and stories about snowmen. Local tots could sing Frosty the Snowman, I’m a Little Snowman , Jack Frost and many others for hours. And since it seems that winter weather is here for at least another month or two – let the children embrace it.

While you are making snowy pictures, snowflakes, snowmen and playing with snow and ice in the sensory bins share snowy stories – like Littlest Snowman by Rita Walsh. Not only is the little shaped book and cute and whimsical read but a story about having fun and getting along with new friends. See how the littlest snowman and his friends go on a whirl wind adventure with horses and birds when the North Wind comes to play one day.

The Littlest Snowman loses his hat when the North Wind blows into town and he and his snowman friends spend all day and night playing and dancing in the woods with the birds and the horses. It’s a charming little tale about winter fun and friendship. It also is a good way to introduce little ones to the concept of wind (science and weather – a cold force that can’t be seen but felt). Have fun enjoying and exploring the winter weather. And share Littlest Snowman by Rita Walsh for a cute and cozy read.