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Tucson tragedy, exploited by main stream media?

Gabrielle Giffords
Gabrielle Giffords


  • shirley mitchem 5 years ago

    These people did not put the gun in this man's hand, but their
    remarks fed it. So, in a sense they are in some ways responsible. Will they be held accountable. NO

    Sarah Palin won't change. She's made millions off of her redoric
    she will continue to feed the hatred and bigotry. She will pull back for a week or so and then she'll start her personal attacks on the Pres. and first lady., and anyone that doesn't fit into the republican or tea party group People should step back and listen very closely to what this woman says. She's a believer in God .But, her actions, and what she states is not from a christian.
    It's made her a millionare These terrible killings in Arizona
    will slow her down but it won't stop her.

  • Profile picture of Christina Wijfjes-Smit
    Christina Wijfjes-Smit 5 years ago

    Shirley, while you may not like Sarah Palin, there is no evidence to suggest that the alleged shooter was a fan of hers or that he was a tea party or a conservative. It seems strange to me how so many can arbitrarily point the finger every which way but to the shooter himself.

  • QBEEZER 5 years ago

    It's sick how the media has exploited this turn of events to serve their own politically biased agendas. Blaming people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for influencing this guy's actions, to me, is just as bad as those crazy Westboro Baptist Church nuts that plan to picket the funerals of the victims (even the 9 year old girl!).

    Whatever happened to taking responsibility for our own actions? This is no one's fault but the shooters, he made a decision, a very bad, very psychotic decision, but it was his own!

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