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Tucson toddler remains found: Parents had been investigated before

Tucson toddler remains were found by cleaners of an empty home Tuesday afternoon. The skeleton of a three-year-old boy were discovered in a toy chest attached to the house in the backyard. The parents and residents who were evicted from the home -- Martin Raymond Barreras, 45, and Raquel Marcela Barreras, 39 -- were arrested and charged with child abuse. The toddler's mother is also being charged with first-degree murder charge.

According to the report by LA Times on March 6, the couple have four other children. Three were taken into state custody because they are minors. The 19-year-old girl, 12-year-old boy, and 7-year-old girl had suffered from neglect but not abuse, law enforcement said. The children said their mother starved the boy "until death and put him in a toy chest in the backyard."

The Tucson toddler remains found happened after the parents have been investigated before. When their children failed to show up for school, authorities had looked into it. There was even one instance in which they were taken from the home, but later returned.

Family members told police that the Barreras had kept to themselves and that they had not seen young Roman Barreras in about a year.

This is a sickening case and if the parents are responsible, hopefully the system will be sure they pay dearly for killing their son. It is so tragic that no one was able to save Roman Barreras before such unthinkable harm came to him.

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