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Tucson's Own Giant George, World's Tallest Dog, Meets World's Smallest Dog in NY

Giant George is the World's Tallest Dog
Giant George is the World's Tallest Dog
AP Photo/Arizona Daily Star, Greg Bryan

Earlier this year we told you about Giant George, the Tuscon Great Dane who won the battle to be declared the Tallest Dog by the Guinness Book of World Records. Well just a few days ago George and his family got to meet someone at the other end of the spectrum: Boo Boo, the World's Smallest Living Dog.

Boo Boo is a long-haired chihuahua who stands only 4 inches tall and is 6.5 inches long. Contrast this with Giant George's record-winning height of 43 inches, and his nose-to-tail length of 7'3"! Other contrasts are just as extreme. George weighs 245 lbs, with Boo Boo barely causing the needle on the scale to move at only 24 oz. While Boo Boo eats from a teaspoon, George eats 110 pounds of food each month.

The two were brought together as part of the Guinness Book of World Records' promotion of the newly released 2011 edition. The book has over 4000 world records, including a special section dedicated to animals. The event took place in Central Park and featured a photoshoot of the two dogs and their owners.

This was not George's first media appearance, as he had already appeared on the Oprah show this past February with his owner Dave Nasser. But don't expect a large-scale celebrity tour. His owner explained that traveling with Giant George isn't easy. It took weeks to make travel arrangements, as American Airlines had to provide five first-class bulkhead seats to accommodate the party, with George sprawling across three of them.

Even Tucsonans may not get the chance to see the gentle giant very often, at least untl his fame dies down. Nasser told AOL, "We don't go to the local dog run much anymore. When we do, a crowd gathers, and it becomes a scene."

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