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Tucson's Children's Museum

Xander spins a wheel to light up a bulb.
Xander spins a wheel to light up a bulb.
copyright Joanne Burch

Do you want a fun, interactive way for your children to learn about physical science? The Children’s Museum is the place to go for S.T.E.A.M. Sundays. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Children learn about electric energy and wind energy. They experience building with large blocks and small blocks. In addition, for older youngsters, there are displays of nano sized to see and read about. Interactive learning areas, which include the Arts, are separated into several rooms. Come and visit them all.

Children supply the energy to make light bulbs glow, and answer the question, “Which type of light bulb takes the most energy, LED, compact flourescent or incandescent?” Turn the wheel and see. Older sisters use their strength while little brothers watch. Can you attract and control static lightning? Place your hand on the magic ball and see. Older youths and toddlers can succeed here. Does your youngster have more brains than brawn? Solve the flashing light puzzle to light up the city.

Does air have power? Place the ball in the opening provided and watch itget sucked up and travel through the air maze. Can you catch it when it shoots out? Dads catch the shooting ball for the youngest children, who dash back to hear the swoosh as the ball is slurped into the maze. Older youngsters enjoy making their own air with a bellows. Jump on the pad and watch a ball climb up the pipe. Toddlers watch, enthralled. With Mom or Dad’s help, they can try it too.

Does sound have energy? Make the sand move in different shaped waves depending on the sound. Turn on the radio and see the drums vibrate in resonance.

Feel like being an engineer? Basket sized blocks, made of foam, quickly form a fort. Solve the puzzle of which goes where to make an overhead arch. Wooden blocks and boards can be assembled into arches or cars with bolts and nuts, wheels and axels.

Check out the Children’s Museum site to see what is coming up next. S.T.E.A.M. was a summer project. Second Saturdays will be coming up. Classes are offered all week for the PreK.

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