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Tucaway Table: Review

Tucaway Table
Tucaway Table
Tucaway Table

The Tucaway Table is a Mullner LLC product and a good-looking space saver. When the table flap is in a resting state, it is flush in alignment with the furniture piece, for which it is attached to. Smart, right? Well, yes.

The Tucaway Table is also a significant piece of furniture on its own. However, it's not so substantive that it takes 2 or 3 horse-built men to move it. It's just flat-out an excellent buy.

Tucaway currently carries one table. It is available in walnut (brown) or black. However, they will be rolling out other tables in time. We selected the black one and we like it. It works beautifully.

The tables are designed to attach and detach to all types of furniture pieces and it's perfect for living spaces, which are either small in size or just crowded. They are also comprised of premium quality wood.

The tables can be purchased online at Nice!

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