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Tuberville partner charged with fraud

Is Tuberville in trouble in wake of fraud accusations?
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Texas Tech Football Coach Tommy Tuberville’s business partner, John David Stroud, has been charged with fraud by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This is no longer an exclusively civil matter. Now the government is involved. Coach Tuberville was not charged with fraud by the commission, which creates a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that Coach Tuberville does not appear to be a target of any federal charges. Of course his business partner was not a clear target of federal charges a few days ago. The bad news is that any hopes of the original civil suit being baseless are now pretty much gone. This could really cause a problem for Texas Tech.

On the one hand, Tommy Tuberville is a state employee. There are standards for most state employees, especially for employees accused of things involving moral turpitude. The more serious the situation becomes for Coach Tuberville, the harder it will be for Texas Tech to justify keeping an employee that is potentially involved in defrauding investors of over one million dollars. The fact that Tuberville was not charged by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission may have saved his job.

To put it in perspective, if Tommy Tuberville were a janitor at Texas Tech as was charged with fraud by the government, he would have a hard time holding on to that job. Shouldn’t all state employees be held to the same standard?

On the other hand, Texas Tech has to appear to be consistent. Even as things stand right now, the accusations against Tommy Tuberville are much more serious than any allegation that was ever leveled against former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach. That is a fact and it is not even debatable. That is not even taking into account that Coach Tuberville’s accusers have to be at least as credible as a morally bankrupt Craig James.

The bottom line is that things continue to become more and more serious for Tommy Tuberville and for Texas Tech. The conversation is moving from whether or not Tommy Tuberville is a good fit as a coach at Texas Tech to a discussion of Coach Tuberville’s moral character. It will sound quite hollow for Texas Tech to talk about striving for honor, if it turns out that the football coach help cheat investors out of millions of dollars.


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