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Tsunami survivor found 10 years later: Girl swept into sea at 4, now home at 14

Ten years ago families were torn apart as loved ones vanished in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Parents mourned their lost children, kids mourned their lost parents and there wasn’t a family that lived near the coast that didn’t know someone who was lost on that ill-fated day.

Girl thought lost in 2004 tsunami found, recognized by uncle walking down a street. She is reunited with family.
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A decade later families are still missing their loved ones, but by now the hope of finding their lost family members is all but long-gone. One of those children who vanished in the flood waters was four-year-old Raudhatul Jannah, according to Time Magazine on Aug. 8.

Little Jannah became one of the 230,000 people lost on Indonesia Boxing Day in 2004 and her family joined the hundreds of thousands of people mourning their dead loved ones. Ten years have passed and although life slowly got back to normal, the agony of that day was never forgotten by the families.

According to MSN News, it was a decade later when Jannah’s mother, Jamaliah, was about to get a jolt of good news. Her brother was walking down the street in a village and he spotted a girl who he just knew was his sister’s daughter. The little girl was four when she went missing, so how could he possibly see a girl of fourteen and know for sure that this is his niece?

No one knows how this man knew the girl was his sister’s child, but she was and the family is calling this reunion a “miracle. The family also lost a son that day and now that their daughter has come back to them, the family has renewed hope of finding their son alive one day.

The day the waves of the Tsunami hit Jannah and her seven-year-old brother were last seen being carried away in the flood waters clinging onto wooden planks. The force of the tsunami pulled the planks away from their home.

After Jamaliah’s brother thought he spotted Jannah on the street he made inquiries and sure enough, it was the little girl that was washed away in the Tsunami. When he had seen the girl walking along the street, she was walking home for school.

The waters had carried her across part of the ocean as she held on to that wooden plank. She had been found by a fisherman on a remote island. She was taken back to the mainland where the fisherman’s mother raised the little girl.

Jannah’s parents traveled to the Aceh village where she was living and as soon as they laid eyes on her they knew she was their daughter. She has since moved back with her parents. It took ten years, but their daughter found her way home, thanks to Jamaliah’s brother.

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