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TSA electronics security measures enhanced: Flights coming into U.S. face change

International flights face new TSA electronics security measures
International flights face new TSA electronics security measures
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

There is a TSA electronics security change being put into place that is aimed to combat threats coming in from Europe and the Middle East. passengers carrying electronics onto the plane will want to ensure that the devices are charged before heading through security, or they may face some complications and frustrations. CNN shared the details on Sunday.

The Transportation Security Administration now will ask passengers at overseas airports heading to the United States to turn on any electronic devices they have to prove that they work. This is to try to ensure that they are legitimate devices and not explosive devices. Any devices that cannot be powered on will not be allowed on the aircraft. Any passengers with those devices may face additional screening as well.

The TSA electronics security measures are being rolled out to many international airports, but the focus is primarily on the Middle East and Europe. There are other measures being put in to place as well, though the TSA has not specified everything that is being done. They do indicate that passengers may notice additional inspections not only of electronics now, but of shoes as well. However, there have been no changes regarding what passengers can take onto the planes.

It seems there was no specific threat that led to the TSA electronics security measures. Rather, U.S. officials are trying to be proactive rather than reactive, particularly when it comes to al Qaeda activity in the Arabian Peninsula. At this time, the security enhancements are not expected to be put into place at U.S. airports, though that could happen down the road.

Forbes notes that flights in Africa, the Middle East and Europe that are impacted will be prohibited from entering the U.S. if the new TSA electronics security measures are not followed. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says, “This is not something to overreact to or overspeculate about.” He adds, “But it's something we felt was necessary.” Passengers should be prepared for the new TSA electronics security measures, though officials say they do not expect the process to slow things down all that much.