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TSA device rule: Power up your phone or risk leaving it behind at airport

The new TSA device rule can cause some major angst to folks trying to get through the TSA check point with a phone that is not charged. If your phone won't turn on, you run the risk of leaving it behind. The new rule is necessary and it has something to do with possible threats made by terrorists in Iraq and Syria, but it is going to affect international travel, according to Politico on July 7.

TSA device rule: Power up those phones or risk leaving it behind!
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The TSA now requires passengers flying into the USA from some overseas airports to power up their electronic devices before boarding their plane. If your phone is out of power or won’t turn on for some reason, you will risk losing it forever. This could cause a major hardship for the many people who tend to keep a lifetime of information stored in their phone, suggests “Fox News” live on Monday.

This goes for phones and other communication electronic devices, like a tablet. According to Politico today this new rule seems to indicate that the government fears that terrorists may have plans to turn one of these electronic devices into a bomb that is undetectable.

Travelers are not being told what airports this could occur in, they are being told that if you are taking a flight from another country bound for the U.S., make sure your phones and electronic devices batteries are charged because you may be asked to turn them on, suggests ABC News today.

This new TSA rule has been the talk of the news shows this weekend as people are worried that they could lose their phones. Some folks just forget to charge their phones, which is not unusual.

Can you imagine being told you need to say good-bye to your phone before you board your plane? The farewell scenes between people and their technology at the airports could be worse than folks saying good-bye to their loved ones!

When Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, he did his best at explaining how the TSA is trying to balance the security, which is put in the place for everyone, and customer convenience.

When giving the choice of handing over your phone for good or hoping on a flight that could be ill-fated at the hands of terrorist, the phone is nothing to give up in the scope of things. But that probably isn’t the way that person having to give up their phone is going to see it at the time. They are going to see their life’s information being whisked away when they know that they are not a threat.

To stave off any impromptu farewell scenes with your phone, before you get on an international flight bound for the U.S., make sure your phone is charged. The same goes for your tablets.

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