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TSA checked luggage find: 81 pounds of marijuana lands woman in hot water

A TSA checked luggage find is making headlines and what was found Friday at the Oakland International Airport is a bit of a surprise. A 26-year-old woman was arrested after she was connected to three bags packed tight with marijuana. CNN shared the details.

A TSA checked luggage find uncovers suitcases filled with marijuana
Screencap via YouTube

While a lot of people get away with carrying smaller amounts of marijuana on airplanes, when it comes to 81 pounds packed in to three suitcases, that isn't really going to fly. The TSA checked luggage find came as the woman from Mississippi was trying to fly from Oakland, Calif. to Jackson, Miss. When the TSA found the 81 pounds of the substance, they contacted the authorities. They took possession of the suitcases and subsequently arrested the woman.

So far the woman tied to the TSA checked luggage find has not been publicly identified. In addition, it hasn't been detailed what charges she faces, though she is certainly in a boatload of trouble at this point. As the authorities note, she wasn't even trying to be subtle about the massive amount of marijuana she was trying to bring with her. The TSA checked the luggage in a random search and found the vacuum-packed bricks stacked neatly and tightly into the three suitcases of the woman.

It seems likely there are a few other people anxious to get in contact with this woman as well, as the 81 pounds of marijuana found in the TSA checked luggage is surely a wee bit more then what she was planning to use herself. Authorities note that they are also looking into past trips she may have taken doing the same thing. The police say that the stash was worth possibly as much as $500,000 in Mississippi, so they will definitely be looking for others involved in the situation.

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