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TS Madison gets it on with B. Ames for new dance track

Direct from TS Madison's Atlanta empire today, March 4, comes a NYC hardcore dance track titled "Is It On?" Yes, she's now becoming a dance diva! Maddy teamed up with Brooklyn-based nightlife personality B. Ames to deliver one of our favorite TS Madison catch-phrases set to music. Everyone who is obsessed with TS Madison and watches her YouTube videos, is familiar with how she never knows if "it" is on. Meaning: is her camera on? And, this T-girl loves the camera, doesn't she?

TS Madison is ready to take-over nightlife with new dance single.
Jose Guzman Colon

The "Is It On?" dance single, currently available on iTunes, is intense. The beats are pounding with pulsating hypnotic rhythms. The track's melodies and vocals are frenzied and furious like a wild car ride. DJ 's will want to pick up this track for their sets, because "Is It On?" has the strength to take over the dance floor during peak hours in the clubs. This song is not exactly what we expected from the next big thing, but it is serious house music, and we appreciate "realness!"

The music video is going to be just as powerful! We have been informed that a lavish concept is currently in pre-production and will feature many nightlife celebrities as well as a slew of RuPaul girls and possibly some World of Wonder litter picks. We can't wait!

So, what do you think? Is it on?

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