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Trying to improve your marriage? Celebrate Mothers Day!!!!


 According to an article titled "Why Moms Cheat on Their Man the Day After Mother's Day ", there is a horrifying trend that you need to know about. Statistics from show that the day after Mothers Day is the second busiest day of the year for member signups and is only preceded by Valentines Day. That website has one purpose, to assist someone who is looking for a discreet and adulterous relationship. The websites slogan is "life is short, have an affair” and it's even coupled with a 100% guarantee. Isn't it time to reverse this trend by by showing some extra appreciation for the mothers in your community?

On Mother's Day, loved ones sometimes fail to show their appreciation to the mothers in their lives. They forget to celebrate the gift of life and the reason for their own existence. Unfortunately, it’s a time that some mothers feel underappreciated and based on some of the horrifying statistics from, it seems that husbands, children and family need to focus a little more attention on celebrating the blessings of Motherhood.


 18:22 The one who finds a wife finds what is enjoyable, and receives a pleasurable giftfrom the Lord

31:10 Who can find a wife of noble character? For her value is far more than rubies.


139:13 Certainly you made my mind and heart; you wove me together in my mother’s womb.

Think of the last time somebody appreciated you for something and how good that made you feel. This year, make a commitment to show mothers how much you appreciate them and that you really do care. It’s a perfect day to focus on Matthew 19:19 and to “honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor s yourself.” Of course the focus of this day is on the mothers. Fathers, your day is coming up.

Mothers, don’t be afraid to give your husbands and kids a little hint like, “I loved when we did ______ last year or I’ve always wanted to _______.  Husbands, children, friends and family; take the mothers you love out for a picnic, write them a card, give her a break from the children or think of something that shows her you care. Whatever you do, don’t blow it off. Showing your appreciation is the most important thing you can do on this special day. 

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