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Trying for a boy or a girl - can you medically improve your chances? – Part 2


‘Improving your chances – Part 1’ discussed the basics of understanding the significance of the X/Y chromosomes, the differences in their makeup, and how each determines the baby’s sex, So the question then becomes, ‘how do you use this information to influence the outcome?’

During ovulation, a mature egg is released from the ovary and has between 12-48 hours to become fertilized (meet a X or Y sperm). In theory, Y sperm will in all likelihood reach the egg quicker. Therefore, having intercourse right before or during ovulation, with deeper penetration, allows the Y sperm to reach the egg sooner; increasing your odds for a boy. X sperm are slower, but last longer, so having intercourse 2-3 days prior to ovulation, with shallow penetration, allows the X sperm to slowly make its way to the egg, while the Y sperm have already died.

Research also tells us that the closer a woman is to her ovulation phase, the more alkaline her cervix becomes. To support this environment, the woman could use a baking soda douche immediately prior to intercourse. Also, when a woman has an orgasm, the secretions in the vagina become more alkaline, making the environment more favorable to the Y chromosome.

To increase your chances for a girl; the opposite should then being true. Using a vinegar douche prior to intercourse creates a more acidic environment and one in which favors the X chromosome. The same concept is used when evaluating the benefit of a woman having or not having an orgasm. If having an orgasm making the environment more favorable to the Y chromosome; avoiding an orgasm continues to support a less alkaline medium and favors the X chromosome.

Studies have also shown that caffeine can increase the speed of the Y sperm. So having the father drink a few cups of strong coffee 20-30 minutes before intercourse can improve the probability of the Y sperm reaching the egg first. Also, it has been suggested that abstaining from having intercourse 5-7 days before ovulation provides ample opportunity for a sufficient sperm count to develop and a high likelihood of sufficient Y chromosomes.

In this case, girls preferring briefs overs boxers are true. The tight confines of briefs have a tendency to kill off the smaller, more fragile Y chromosome sperm, giving the X chromosome sperm the advantage. So if you’re trying for a girl, the father should wear tighter-fitting clothing/briefs 5-7 days prior to intercourse.

For whatever reason that a parent wishes to tilt the scales in favor of a boy or girl, medical studies have offered a numbered of actions that support their findings. Ultimately, whatever the results, how fortunate you are to hold a precious bundle in your arms and know they are a part of you – X or Y.


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