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Try this trick for more browser viewing space

Browser tips
Browser tips

Do you sometimes wish you had more room to display the web page you're on on the internet? There is a simple way to go to “full screen” mode using a shortcut.

With this shortcut you get the entire display screen, not just the space inside the window frame. The frame around the browser goes away and the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen hides itself.

To do this, hit the F11 key. This shortcut is a “toggle,” which means hitting F11 again will restore your window back to its previous state. If you are reading this article on a PC you can try this right now by hitting F11.

This shortcut works on Firefox, Internet Explorer and on Chrome. All three browsers use F11 to set and reset full screen mode. You can also use the menu option View | Full screen in Firefox and Internet Explorer to control this feature.

This feature works whether your window is maximized or not. Hitting F11 maximizes the window before going full screen. Hitting F11 again restores the window to its previous size.

When in full screen mode in Firefox and Internet Explorer you can even hit ALT+D to jump to the address bar, even though it is hidden. Both browsers let you type a new address while still in full screen mode. Just hit ALT+D, type the new address and hit ENTER.

The next time you want to see more of the display, remember this feature. With one simple keystroke you will have as much screen real estate as you can possibly have on your monitor.

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