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Try this Hollywood landmark before it's too late!

Molly's Charbroiled Hamburgers
Hollywood, CA
Molly's Charbroiled Hamburgers Hollywood, CA

On that crazy corner of Hollywood & Vine exists a little hamburger stand called Molly's Charbroiled Hamburgers. It's exact address is 1605 Vine street and it sits across from the new Trader Joe's. For as much time as I have spent in Hollywood, I can't say I ever took too much notice of this simple burger joint and judging by the "closing soon" sign outside the place, I'm thinking I wasn't the only one.

Molly's Charbroiled Hamburgers has been situated on this happening corner since 1929 and in my book, that is landmark quality. As so many other places, Molly's suffered a hit with the economy and sadly it is scheduled to shut it's doors permanently at the end of November. I wanted to give this place a try to show some support as well as give the food a shot as in just a few short weeks, no one will have that option any longer.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Molly's offers both beef patties as well as turkey patties for their burgers. Hotdogs are also on the menu as well as the classic burger sides such as crinkle cut French fries and chili. About 17 years ago, a sweet Korean woman purchased Molly's and has kept the same signature burgers, but did add a few Korean dishes to the menu making the menu a little more versatile. Although the menu isn't as classic American as many may like from a local burger joint, I must say the food is pretty good. The hamburgers aren't too big or small and the fries as crispy, fresh and down right delicious. My friend had the chili and spoke volumes about the zesty taste.

Molly's Charbroiled Hamburger's offers combo meals loaded with different sizes. For a regular burger, fries and drink, plan on about $6.00. If you have a bigger appetite they do offer double cheeseburgers as well as triple pattie cheeseburgers (which is pretty large.) No matter what your combo choice, don't expect to pay more than $11 per person.

Molly's is open from 7:00 AM (as they offer a breakfast menu as well) until 10:00 PM daily, making it a great place to grab a quick bit for any meal of the day. It is unfortunate that they don't stay open to satisfy the late-night crowd as with sloppy, reasonably priced food like this would surely attract the after-clubbing-crowd.

Although this place would not be a fit for the more health conscious, I do advice everyone to get out and try Molly's Charbroiled Hamburgers if not for anything else than to taste a little piece of Hollywood history which will soon no longer be available.

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