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Try this exercise: kettlebell ground pushes

Want to try a new exercise that blasts your thighs while saving your knees? Want to do something different with those kettlebells? Try the kettlebell ground push!

The C4 Swim Team does kettlebell pushes to build their conditioning
Amy Meyers

To start, place a pair of kettlebells on the ground, laying down with the handles pointing away from you. Rubber gym flooring works fine, but grass or indoor/outdoor carpet works even better. Get as low as you can, with your toes on the ground and your hands pressing against the flat bottom of the kettlebells. Taking short steps, dig in with your toes and push the 'bells across the floor. 10 meters makes a great interval for a series of "sprints", 20 meters works well for CrossFit workouts, moving from one exercise to another, and 40-60 meter intervals will get you one of the best workouts of your life!

Amy Meyers, the owner and head coach of C4 Fitness in Broomfield and author of The Little Chefs' Cookbook, has the girls in her Kids' Fit Club do kettlebell ground pushes in combination with other exercises, such as battle ropes, box jumps, and core work. "The kettlebell pushes do a great job of really getting the quads working" says Amy, "Just a few rounds of those, and it's a real leg burner!" She has her group of kids use pairs of 8 kg (18 lb) kettlebells, while adults might use 12, 16, or even 24 kg pairs.

Try out kettlebell ground pushes for an awesome workout that works your muscles while not punishing your joints!

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