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Try something new, in the new year...

Ok wait - before you 'write' it off - give it a chance, just keep reading...try online dating. DON'T stop reading!

I did online dating from 2004 until 2009 at which point I met my husband. I remember being nervous to tell my family (mostly my dad) when I met someone online. Its so, I don't know, looked down upon? Even now, while less than years before, online dating is still very taboo.

Bottom line is this. You may be able to meet someone of quality character with common likes and dislikes to you, at a bar. And, you may be able to meet someone of quality character with common likes and dislikes at a party. The thing about online dating is that you can date exactly the kind of person you want to date.

For example, I wanted:

Smart, sexy, funny, single, Catholic, never-been-married, no-kids, family is important, educated and MUST LOVE DOGS.

So, I was able to 'cross off' and deny any men who approached me that were divorced, didn't seem funny, I didn't find attractive or had cats.

And the beautiful thing about this taboo thing called online dating is that you can chat a few times online and decide if you want to meet them in person or move onto the next person.

I would highly recommend Plenty of Fish as my first choice, hands-down, for online dating. eHarmony was okay but the personality test you take is boring, redundant and seems somewhat pointless, its expensive and you don't have as much control as you do with Plenty of Fish.

There is also which, is okay I suppose. I always got the feeling the guys I met on just wanted to get la- I mean, just wanted one thing. In fact, back in the olden days of yore - 2004 - eHarmony was considered amongst us brave internet dating souls as the "relatinoship site" while was considered the "hook-up site." That being said, I did meet quality guys on and even had a few "relationships" (my average was 2-3 weeks) from people I met on the site.

Bottom line, if you're single and desire a relationship, TRY IT!!


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