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Try something different


Not all sushi is raw

Doing something fun and different is one of the basic keys to dating.  How else are you going to be able to sit back years from now with your comfortable someone special, and recount all those great times you had?  It will be difficult if its all the same all the time.

Now sushi may not be something different for you, but it is for a lot of people.  Has the person you are dating ever had real sushi?  Are they, or are you unsure if you even like sushi?  Well, this examiner has a half price deal for you that should take some of the financial unease out of trying sushi for the first time, or to treating someone else to sushi, or being a sushi glutton on your own.

Our Minneapolis and St. Paul area radio stations do a great job of trading advertising for deals, and we their public benefit.  Check-out this deal for Tiger Sushi II on Kool 108's Kool Deals.

Tiger Sushi II is located at 2841 Lyndale Ave S in Minneapolis.  Their phone number is 612-874-1800, and they do take reservations.  Tiger Sushi II has happy hour from 5:00m- 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, along with a late night happy hour Wednesday through Friday from 10:00 - midnight with drink deals and assorted appetizer deals.

Become a fan of Tiger Sushi on and pick-up the latest and greatest deals for this new and edgy Lyn-Lake sushi stop on your phone!  Today's message: " It's Wednesday! Show this msg on your phone and get a Free Crunchy Roll at TiGER SUSHi 2 starting at 5 pm! "

If you decide you don't like sushi, at least you'll have a good story to tell about how you discovered that about yourselves when you tell those stories years from now.

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