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Try Pilates with a friend for better health

The studio set up for duet reformer at Aspire.
The studio set up for duet reformer at Aspire.
Photo courtesy of Aspire

Looking for a way to spend some time with a friend? Consider a duet reformer class. You’ll be able to spend some time together and get a great workout. A new study from the National Heart Institute—as well as a 2000 study by Dartmouth—show that behavior between friends can be contagious. If your friend smokes, you’re more likely to. And if your friend works out, you’re more likely to as well. Choose the more healthy option with programs for friends offered by gyms throughout Chicago.

Stacy Howland, owner of Aspire Health and Wellness on Lincoln and Southport in Chicago, recommends the duet reformer for working out together. A Pilates instructor herself, Stacy is a fan of the reformer in general because if its massive toning capabilities.

What is duet reformer? It’s a Pilates reformer class offered for two people. The benefit: You’re able to tone through a greater range of motion than you body is able to simply with gravity. You’ll be supervised by an instructor on a two-on-one basis, which is both cost-effective and effective in terms of your time. When an instructor watches every movement you make, you’ll be sure to maximize your time on the reformer.

Plus, you’ll get some great bonding time in. It’s a win-win.

Check out the duet reformer and other Pilates classes at Aspire. With Stacy’s personal touch and intimate setting, you’ll leave refreshed, stronger and ready to come back again.