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Try natural gardening to control insects

Toad hiding in a container
Toad hiding in a container

Gardening can be a dirty job, or you can be the kind of gardener that maintains a manicured lawn and does not have flower beds.

Either way you will run into some insects as you take care of your plants. Some will be flying bugs like gnats or bees; crawling bugs like caterpillars or earth worms or hopping insects like grasshoppers. There will be mosquitoes to contend with and spiders.

Controlling all theses bugs can be difficult. We use pesticides or home remedies like beer and liquid dish soap. All these things can help but one of the best control for insects is a natural source like a toad, anole lizards and even hummingbirds and dragon flies.

Restricting the use of pesticides in your landscape and flower beds will give the natural predators a chance to thrive and do your insect control for you. If you use pesticides, you kill off the good along with the bad insects and critters. Try keeping your flower beds clean to keep the bug population down and let the toads do the rest.