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Try Jo Malone Fragrances and learn the art of "fragrance combining"

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin fragrance collection
Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin fragrance collection

Many women have a difficult time finding a "signature" fragrance--and it's no wonder, given that new perfumes come out practically every day! Some estimates put the industry at over $8 billion dollars. Brands are counting on your confusion and your hard-earned money to keep them in business. Do you flit from perfume to perfume in search of the perfect one? Or are you more of the one-perfume woman kind of girl?

In this age of belt-tightening, is it possible for us Hot Moms to find a perfume that will delight our senses, make our lovers swoon and still be able to afford our lattes too? My suggestion is to find one (or two max) great fragrance and stick with it. Make it your signature and don't waver--at least not for awhile anyway! Once you find your signature scent, you can then find it online at a discounted price; then you can also purchase it in a different form, such as a body cream, oil, or lotion, and layer the fragrance to make your scent last all day.

For example:

Jo Malone: If you don't know about Jo Malone Fragrances, you are missing out.

Read about her most popular fragrance Lime, Basil, & Mandarin here: "Jo Malone fragrances capture an experience or moment in time. With Lime Basil & Mandarin, it was the scent of fresh-cut limes carried on the sea breeze, combined with aromatic basil and zesty mandarin. This unexpected combination of ingredients was not immediately accepted by the traditional fragrance industry but is now regarded as both a 'cult' favorite and a modern classic. Transcending culture and generation, this is a scent that's loved equally by both men and women."

The genius of the fragrances is that you can layer or mix her other scents ("fragrance combining") therefore creating your own personal perfume. Available at Nordstrom, Saks, etc., or discounted online at Prices start at $55 which is very affordable as fragrances go.

Insider tip: If you go to the Jo Malone counter at Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach, they are very friendly and helpful. You can play with all the different fragrances, try the myriad of combinations, and they will make generous samples of whatever you'd like to try. Ask for Christy.

Jo Malone also makes bath and body creams, skincare (a fave of many stars, including Angelina Jolie), home fragrances, candles, and much more. Visit for all the specs and free samples to try new scents to combine to make your own personal fragrance.

(Lime Basil Mandarin is actually my personal favorite and I have been wearing it for over ten years. It combines nicely with Amber & Lavender, Vetyver, Grapefruit, or Orange Blossom. It is the only fragrance my four-year-old son has ever known his mama to wear and he loves to nuzzle my neck--good enough for me.)

People will literally stop you on the street to ask you what you are wearing and why you smell so good and where can they buy it. So now you know!

Also new: try this online shopping concept--buy luxury skincare at ridiculous discounts--who wouldn't want that, especially right now? Check it out at Sign up to become a member and see what's on sale each week. Perfect for holiday gifts for all the gals in our lives--including ourselves!