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Try grinding your dog's nails--it's better than clipping

Does your dog hate to have his nails clipped?  Try nail grinding.  Grinding uses low grade sandpaper on a rotary head to file away the nail, so the trim is done more gradually than clipping.  While the grinder does make a noise that may startle your dog initially, if you gradually get your dog accustomed to the grinder, it can be a far superior way to trim your dog's nails than the pinching and quick-cutting risk of the clippers.
At the first session, introduce your dog to the grinder first without even turning it on.  Show it to her with extra special treats and an upbeat attitude!  Play a game afterwards.  At the next session, turn the grinder on and off but don't touch the nails.  Again use treats and a cheerful, playful attitude.
From  there, use subsequent sessions to start touching a nail or two with the grinder off and then on.  Work up to grinding a nail or two slowly, always using treats and a playful attitude.  Start slowly and move on as your dog seems ready. 
If you dog is used to having his paws handled, you may be doing a full round of nails within a week.  If not, it can take longer, but the result is worth it.  If you exercise some patience and introduce your dog to the grinder slowly, you and she can both be enjoying a more pleasant, reduced level of stress soon.  And with nails that are shorter, safer, and smoother!
Stay tuned for more information on various pet nail grinders.


  • Tracy B Ann 5 years ago

    This one always baffles me. Nail clipping seems so easy and painless. Yet there are dogs that won't tolerate it but seem to enjoy the nail grinding. Not just tolerate, but enjoy. Go figure!

  • Nancy 5 years ago

    Clippers actually pinch the dog's nail, so even if the quick isn't clipped by the blade, it's still threatening and uncomfortable. And if the quick is ever clipped--easy to do on some dogs' nails--the dog will never forget it! I know I wouldn't. Grinding is more gradual and so allows more control.

  • Sabra 5 years ago

    I just recently started using a grinder and it is great! My dogs are happy and the chore is no longer a "Chore".