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Try celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich's indulgent "fat shake" for weight loss

Enjoy a "fat shake" weight loss smoothie
Enjoy a "fat shake" weight loss smoothie
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“America’s angriest trainer” Vinnie Tortorich says there’s no need to be afraid of fat. In fact, he gave Examiner his recipe for a “fat shake” on Feb. 4.

Tortorich is the author of the book “Fitness Confidential” and creator of the NSNG (no sugar no grains) eating plan. Why is he so angry? He says the fitness industry is stealing the good intentions of those trying to lead healthier lifestyles and he’s tired of it. Making fat a dietary no-no is one of the things he’s sick of.

Vinnie says the body needs fat to stay full, have energy and function efficiently. He advises his celebrity clients to whip up a shake filled with a hefty dose of fat as a meal.

He recommends a combination of kale, berries, ginger, lemon juice, raw almonds and coconut oil. Water should be used instead of juice. Avocado, full-fat Greek yogurt and even heavy whipping cream are other favorite ingredients in Vinnie Tortorich’s smoothies.

Would you try a “fat shake”?