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Try Cape Classics array of South African wines for the perfect weekend getaway

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Long overdue post after finally making my way through some lovely Cape Classics wines this month. I was lucky to get to taste a great array of wines, from Chenin Blanc to Cabernet Rose to some hearty Cabernet blends. I began my love affair with South African wines when I lived in Atlanta, where these wines are really celebrated well. Then I tried Jam Jar - a sticky sweet red from the Cape Classics label, and I knew I was onto something special. Check out my reviews of each bottle I tried below, and be sure to grab one at your local wine shop in the near future (note - they are all super budget-friendly).

From light to heavy:

RAATS Chenin Blanc - a tart wine from the coast, initially this wine was probably my least favorite of the bunch, due to its fairly flat profile. However, being a lover of stainless steel fermentation, I gave it a fair chance, and think this fruity, and tangy wine a go with my spicy Indian meal. Let's just say the right pairing makes all the difference. SRP $14.99

Bayten Sauvignon Blanc - I am a lover of Australian Sauvignon Blanc, so was surprised by this pleasant South African varietal. Along with the mineral flavor typical of this wine, I loved the bright citrus flavor I got from it, and think it would pair great with any spring meal (off the grill perhaps). SRP $14.99

DMV Cabernet Rose - I am not usually a Rose drinker, but I decided to drink this on a chill evening with friends to kick off my birthday. It tasted like strawberry juice, with a hint of a floral essence. It was a crowd pleaser no doubt, as we filled our glasses high with this wine. In reconsidering my stance on Rose, I think it can be said it's an easy drinking wine with or without a meal. SRP $11.99

Indaba Mosaic - This hearty wine is 65% Cabernet, with a bit of Malbec for some smoothness. Its berry-licious, with some oakyness, but a really soft flavor overall. I would drink this again and again, especially for the price. $11.99

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon - Another big bold red, with lots of rich flavors. This wine is one of those Cabs for "California Cab Lovers", and it comes in at a much better value. Overall I found it a bit heavy for me, but maybe well paired with a hearty meal for those red meat lovers out there. SRP $9.99

Thelma Mountain Red - I love a good table wine, and this one delivers, though with a bit more complex oaky-ness than you usually get from these types of blends. I noted it is Shiraz based, which is a heavy drinking wine, and definitely a great pairing for a hearty meal or some burgers off the grill (why not). SRP $14.99

Hope this inspires your next wine store purchase, and mini-cultural excursion. Cheers to a lovely weekend ahead filled with delicious (and hopefully budget-friendly) wine!