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Try Again?! Gundam Build Fighters Try is coming!

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most popular mecha anime franchises in the world. Gundam Build Fighters, which ended earlier this year, was extremely popular with fans as it told a different Gundam Story ... one dealing with the love of Gunpla while still fighting each other's machines in a game. There was mystery and intrigued added to the fun. And now, it's success had brought about the creation of the second season, Gundam Build Fighters Try!

Here's all the main 3 Gundams From Gundam Build Fighters Try

Gundam Build Fighters Try will be taking place seven years after the original season. This new season will follow a trio of characters from Sei's(one of the main characters from the first season) old school, Seiho Academy who form a new Gunpla Club together: the club president, Fumina Hoshino; transfer student and martial artist Seikai Kamiki, and Gunpla Builder Yumma Kousaka. Gunpla battles are now fought in teams and is more popular than ever ...except at Seiho Academy till Fumma reforms her club with her two new members. The three fight together to get to the top.

Feel free to watch the trailer I attached to this article. I will wait four minutes for you . . .

Did you watch it? Here's some facts and impressions I got from the trailer: Seikai will be piloting the Build Burning Gundam; which makes sense. Gundams in G Gundam (such as Burning Gundam) used martial arts and other fighting techniques besides guns. Seikai is a martial artist. And G Gundam is one of the more popular alternate universe Gundams. He definitely seems like he will have a big role in the anime as we see his Gundam in the majority of the scenes here. The fact that his Gundam has the world Build in front of it confirms that he is the main character of the show.
Also, he knows a marital art called Jigen Haoh. Jigen is the Japanese word for "Dimensional." And we did have someone from another dimension last season ... with red hair like his. Actually, he looks an awful lot like Reiji. I'm just saying.

Yuuma is a genius Gunpla builder and that is no surprise. He's the little brother of season one's China Kousaka, who is the romantic interest of lead character, Sei. The fact that he is there gives a definite connection to the first season. The fact that his character was foreshadowed since season one helps connect the world further. He'll be piloting Lightning Gundam ... and BOY, is it gorgeous. It has elements of Zeta Gundam, which makes me excited. The fact that he's a Gunpla Building Genius also carries over last season's focus that it is not just fighting in a Gunpla that is important, but also the actual building of it. There were already hints of story that Yuuma actual stopped Gunpla Building or had an issue with it from early press release and one small short that was released on the Gundam Official Youtube Channel, Gundaminfo, that has China, a year before this season starts, writing a letter to Yuuma asking him about that. Also, Yuuma seems to have his sister's meekness.

Fumina is the one we know least about. We know she loves Gunpla. We know she loves Gunpla Battles. She's the President of the Gunpla Club in Seiho Academy and, according to Gundam Wikia and Anime News Network, the only member of the club at the start of the series. Fumina's Gundam is the Super Deformed Winning Gundam. SD Gundam has gotten its following with multiple SD Gundam series and, it is another great connect to last season to Knight Gundam. The Winning Gundam can transform to jet mode. With the team together, she can now participate in the tournament.

Now, other information is that this is a team tournament this time around. We should see plenty of fighters, but we will be looking at rival teams. The doors are certainly open for a return of the season one characters. There are certainly plenty of connections to them. Yet, we will have to see what is to come with this show when it debuts on October 8th, 2014.

Sunrise is, of course, back with a vengence as Gundam's 35th anniversary continues with this second season. Gundam Build Fighters Try will be directed by Shinya Watada, who worked on last season as well as Gundam 00 and, what was considered a predecessor to Build Fighters, Gundam AGE. Returning to do music for the show are Asami Tachibana and Yuuki Hayahsi.

Get ready to Try again with Gundam Build Fighters Try this fall, as it will be streamed on Gundaminfo.

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