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Try a spinach carrot berry smoothie

Add spinach to your smoothie to sneak in some veggies
Add spinach to your smoothie to sneak in some veggies
Andreas Andersson (delazon) on

Looking for a new smoothie to try? Adding spinach and baby carrots to your mixed berry smoothie adds extra vitamins and goodness, without really altering the taste. The key is to use an equal ratio of berries to the spinach and carrots, if not more berries than veggies. The taste of the berries is definitely stronger, though a discerning palate may pick up a slight salad taste.

Use a base of plain Greek yogurt for some probiotics and protein. Any other yogurt will also taste good with it. Avocado or banana will make the smoothie even thicker and creamier. Frozen berries eliminate the need for ice cubes. Dilute the mixture with orange juice or your favorite milk product (soy, almond, coconut, etc.), to make it easier to sip. Experiment with the quantities of each ingredient, based on your own personal taste preferences.

Adding spinach and carrots to your mixed berry smoothie is an easy way to get more vegetables in your diet. If you are really crafty, you will be able to sneak them in without your kids even knowing!

While this particular smoothie concoction was my own personal experiment, it was inspired by the book The Smoothie Recipe Handbook by Patrick Smith.