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Try a little kindness.

"If you see your brother standing by the road, with a heavy load, from the seeds he's sowed. And if you see your sister fallen by the way, just stop and say, 'you're goin' the wrong way." These are the words on the radio on the way to work that caused concern. Christians are to love and Paul says one attribute of love is kindness. Are Springfield Christians trying a little kindness?

This is the album with "Try a Little Kindness".
Chuck Kensinger

This is not talking about a lot of kindness. Just try a little kindness. When the grocery line is long and there are not enough cashiers and the one at your line is worn out. Try a little kindness. When the hairdresser or barber say, oops and doesn't want to let you look in the mirror. Try a little kindness.

Hailey Owens comes to mind and how little the kindness was to allow her to sit with a teacher that she knew from Bowerman school and feel that she belonged in a crowd of mostly strangers when she first came to Hamlin. Do we ever tell someone a seat is reserved, when we could easily show a little kindness and possibly make a new friend or learn something about someone that we did not know before?

The version of "Try a Little Kindness" that played on KWFC radio was by Tim Surrett. The memory goes back to 1969 when Glenn Campbell first released this song. While we all need to show a little more kindness, the Top 40 station that played it did not know that its content could be applied as a teaching tool for Christians.

The chorus tells us to shine our light for everyone to see. While the writers of this song aren't readily identified with Christian music, they have chosen a distinctly Christian message. John tells us to let our light shine. Bobby Austin and Curt Sapaugh who are credited as the writers of this song must have heard this line at sometime in their lives. The challenge is to put it into practice.


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