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Try A Better.Me For A Better You

There's a new beauty app in town. I know you're saying to yourself do I really need a new app? Well I think you really need this one. Are you tired of constantly searching YouTube for beauty advice? Searching for different beauty guru tutorials? Wouldn't it be great to have it at one place? Today's there are an a flux of YouTube tutorials when it comes to beauty. And with all the many tutorials available, just made getting beautiful that much easier.

Better.Me app tutorials
Better.Me app tutorials website

On the Better.Me app you can find all your favorite beauty gurus. is a new 'how-to' app that makes it easy for you to watch beauty and makeup tutorial videos on YouTube and know exactly which products are being used in the videos. connects all of YouTube creators, viewers and merchants. Viewers can discover the most fresh how-to beauty videos on YouTube and easily find the products that are used in the video in real-time. Instead of searching for a specific product on the website endlessly, viewers can easily obtain product information and where to get them while watching the video. YouTube has become the most popular platform to learn any new skill. Now they've combined YouTube and to make the learning process more exciting and productive. directs you to the quick-way of purchasing any product that is used in the video, making beauty easier to achieve.

Developed by SK Planet of South Korea, with offices in Seoul and San Francisco, CA, is a mobile app dedicated only to everything beauty. It interfaces with YouTube beauty tutorials and connects viewers, content creators and merchants by providing a platform where viewers are able to see what exact products or tools are being used in the video.

"While thinking about E-commerce & social media, it occurred to me that the combination of tablets and YouTube videos had great potential but was yet untapped," explains Sanghyuk Cho, Director of Global Products at SK Planet. "In taking a closer look, we discovered that a gap existed between inspiration and buying the right products, hence we developed as an attempt to introduce an organic & hassle-free mobile shopping experience."

Why, and how does it works? For viewers, this free mobile application takes away the headache of trying to figure out where to purchase a product they see and instead makes it available right at their fingertips. How-to beauty tutorials on help you to better the lives of viewers, creating the world of win-win situation for both of YouTube creators and viewers.

If you're a YouTube creator than this app is for you and you can become part of the fun all while making money in the process! brings the world of video creation to a whole new level. Better.Me offers monetary benefits for both video creators and sellers, and provides enhanced user experience for viewers of tutorial videos. Creators can monetize your content by simply inserting affiliated links. With categories and tags, Better.Me helps users to discover videos of their own interests and strengthen creators' channels by exposing more visual contents. If you're a YouTube creator you have to be invited but the good thing is you can sign up and you will be the first to know about and when it will go live!

Still in its beta-testing stage, analyzes all YouTube videos in the "How To & Style" category and filters out relevant quality beauty tutorials daily, through quantitative metrics and keyword filtering mechanisms. Through this simple yet advanced technology, effortlessly connects viewers, merchants and content creators and making it a huge win for all. For more information on Better.Me and to sign up visit their website at www.Better.Me. is now available for download at the App Store.

Developed by SK Planet of South Korea, is a beauty app that interfaces with beauty and makeup tutorials on YouTube and connects content creators, viewers and merchants by providing direct access to the products and tools used in the videos. This free mobile application allows viewers to watch, learn and purchase directly from the tutorials for an enhanced user experience. For more information about, please visit


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