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TRX Suspension Training Review: Part 1

Fitness Anywhere

I love a good challenge; specifically, a good fitness challenge,  When I saw the TRX system popping up on some of my favorite fitness blogs, I knew I had to check it out. The website had me salivating. A compact, versatile, yet intense body weight exercise system? These are the things dreams are made of!  My initial excitement was immediately replaced with a degree of skepticism. I've seen more than my fair share of infomercials and come across plenty of flimsy home equipment to get too excited too fast.  But somehow, this seemed different. 

First let me begin with the concept. It was created by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick in an effort to give his fellow seamen an challenging workout in any setting.  The system is made heavy duty nylon strips  adjusted by pulleys.  The body itself is used as resistance; creating angles and unstable positioning geared to engage the core in all exercises. This is sounding like my type of workout!

I must mention that I found the almost $200 price tag for the basic system steep (I will discuss this in more detail later).  I am a bargain basement type of fitness enthusiast. Unless, however,  the quality of the experience dictates otherwise.  Feeling the need for a after a after the holiday kick in the pants I decided to take the plunge and bring my clients and readership along for the ride!

After the package arrived it took me a week to get my head in the game. I like to call this my 'warm up'.  Even at first glance at the packaging and instructions, I could tell the people at Fitness Anywhere mean business.  At this point , I have cleared my fitness schedule (it's going to be a TRX focused February), viewed the instructional video, and made completed my first workout. 

Here are my initial impressions:

Securing the equipment is the scariest part.  My system came with a door anchor. The video explains the importance of using a very stable door (which I did) but the stress on the door was still very obvious. There are many other options: purchasing the X mounting system,  using a secure high beam,  even using a tree outdoors. I have a cage system that I plan to use for future workouts.

This is not your Momma's Jane Fonda workout. Do not and I mean do not try this system if you are in anything less than pretty good shape. This system can help athletic people kick their workouts up a significant  notch. I have read other reviews that say that this can be easily adapted for beginners. I could not disagree more.  Just like spandex isn't for everyone, neither is TRX.

I have tried several 'extreme' workouts.  I had a first class ticket on the Tae Bo train and completed the entire P90X series. I have never been so excited to get started on a program.  First of all, Bianca (one of the athletes in the demonstration) is amazing. Her body is out of this world and her form is impeccable.  The fact that she is showing the harder versions of the exercises is really empowering for women.  The guy (who is also in great shape) is completely in her shadow and he knows it! The demonstration video is clear, concise and to the point.

I will save my comments on the actual exercises for the next segment. My goal today was to get through it  and it wasn't pretty. I finished by collapsing in a heap with the nylon straps dangling and swinging above head.   For me, this is a sign of a great workout. There is no where to go but up from here. I can't until Day 2!


  • Jay 5 years ago

    Took a look at the website--Looks like it could be the "go anywhere" system it claims to be. Look forward to your next installment.

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    Hey, this sounds very interesting! This was a great read for me, and I'd love to try it. I especially love the reminder that "spandex isn't for everyone." Hahahaha! :)

  • Me 5 years ago

    You can make your own for $20 with stuff from Home Depot

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